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Just this past April, the NCAA published a report estimating the percentage of high school athletes that will compete at the college and pro levels. In the report they estimate that of the high school basketball players nationwide, 3.4% of the men and 3.8% of the women will play at the college level. Now out of those few that participate at the college level only, 1.2% of the men and 0.9% of the women will play at the professional level. So only 40 out of every 100,000 high school basketball players (men or women) will play at the professional level.

Seems a bit daunting doesn’t it? So if their athletic career is not likely to end with a driveway full of Ferraris but more likely with a box full of plastic trophies, why do families and athletes choose to spend their available time, energy, and cash to participate? What is driving sport participation? I believe exposure is the driving force behind sport participation. Exposure to competition, team work, discipline, and authority. Exposure to winning, losing, hard work, and sacrifice. Exposure to setting goals, attaining goals, and falling short of goals. I believe sport participation is driven by the opportunity to be exposed to the lessons life will inevitably teach us over the coming years. This is why sport has such a loyal following. We understand the non-monetary value sport offers our lives.

So why am I sharing this? recently decided to support small markets and specifically high school basketball programs using our March Madness bracket events. I wanted to offer a bit of insight regarding our decision to serve these programs. We believe in the power of sport and the important-life-lesson-exposure that it offers. If fewer than 4% will experience the next level, we must take it upon ourselves to ensure that the other 96% maximize their exposure to growth opportunities as an athlete. will help these programs raise money with the goal to provide a greater learning opportunity for our athletes.

I know I’m not the only one who has benefited from sport participation and I would love to hear how sport has positively influenced your life.

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