Frequently Asked Questions

I made a donation but never received my multiplier code.

First check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder, please send an email to Be sure to include your name, the date you made your donation, and the email address you entered to finalize the transaction. We know this is a time sensitive issue and we’ll make every effort to get back to you asap!

Do I have to make a donation to submit a bracket?
No, participation is free and submitting a bracket does not require a donation.
How much of my donation goes to charity?
96% of your donation goes directly to the charity you’ve chosen. The remaining 4% is used to cover the various operating costs associated with hosting an event of this magnitude. It is not the intent of, nor it’s parent company J Christopher Marketing, LLC., to make a profit from your donation.
Can I submit more than one bracket?
Unfortunately, no. The event is limited to 1 bracket per user. We know this is a little out of the norm for March Madness but sometimes you’ve got to make a bold move to chart new territory. Also, our legal team felt more comfortable with the “donate to multiply your score” model rather than the “donate to submit more brackets”. Trust us, it’s just easier this way.
How often are the bracket point totals updated?
The bracket point totals are updated no later than the close of each round. If we can, we will update them at the close of each day of the tournament but we’re not making any promises. Click here to search for your bracket’s score.
What is the refund policy?

All donations are final. It is the donor’s responsibility to enter their multiplier code before the event entry period closes. If for some reason they were unable to enter their multiplier code before the entry period closes, the donor should forward their donation receipt to If we can verify that the code was not used, we can add the multiplier up to the close of the 1st round of the tournament, Friday March 18, 2016 before 11:59 PM.

Can I submit 2 brackets from the same computer?
Yes. The event software is setup to recognize previous users for ease of use. For this reason, you will need to clear your cache prior to each submission. Clearing the cache is a bit different for each browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yahoo, etc.). We suggest going to Google and searching “how to clear my cache in [INSERT BROWSER NAME]”. From here you will be given a variety of options that will teach you exactly how to clear the cache of your browser.